Consol Homes opens Greenfield Academy to provide high quality, low-cost secondary education

In September 2018 Consol Homes opened the Greenfield Academy (formerly known as Ruth Academy) to provide high quality, low-cost secondary education to young people from across southern and central Malawi.

We've been providing educational support to primary school children for over 17 years. But for many of the children we support, progressing from primary into secondary school has remained a significant challenge.

September 2018

There are a number of reasons for this, but two of the primary factors are the difficulties of accessing scholarships to government secondary schools and the very high fees charged by private schools.

With the opening of the new academy, however, we're now able to ensure that the young people we support can continue to build on the vital skills and knowledge they've developed in primary school - and go on to access better employment opportunities in the future.

The school has been set up as a social enterprise and is a member of the Independent Schools Association of Malawi (ISAMA). To date, we've raised nearly $5,000 to fund the Academy.

With these funds we've been able to employ a team of 12 teachers, buy materials and furniture for the classes and provide secondary education to over 100 girls and boys. But to continue our work we need your support!

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